The company was established in 1991 with a private initiative of the founder with the idea to unite the feeling for industrial and interior design into the production of decorative lighting. Soon the market responded positively to the prototype production and the idea came true. Numerous private and commercial spaces glowed with new, functional and eyecatching lighting solutions. Production of small series and ability to adapt of prodiction gamma to specific design and function resulted in admiration of architects and interior designers. Besides production the company improved public relations as well. The main company policy, that is recognized till nowadays, is understanding of the client’s needs from architect’s and not merchant’s point of view.

Complex projects

With the engagement on more complex projects we started to suplement the offer with technical lighting. We involved in our solutions the products of recognized european lighting producers and started productive partnership with them.

In mid 90’s the company met more concrete demand for fiberoptic lighting solutions in specific museum projects. Thanks to the professional partnership in 2000 with Advanced Fiber Optics from Barcelona the company proposed to the market this highly specialized lighting technique in a new way. After short education we started to implement the fiber optic lighting using the feeling for design and architectural detail and professional practical skills in very demanding museum projects. Thus our practical solutions with fiber optic material prefabricated in Croatia prevailed over other companies dealing as specificator only. Today we are recognized as a fiber optic specialist to give the solution to every decorative or technical fiber-optic-lighting project.

In last 10 years the company has taken steps towards implementation of LED lighting into projects. LED is being more and more efficient and the must for modern interior and exterior design in every sense. The experiance in lighting design and knowledge of LED principles leaded to recognized realisations in combination with sofisticated materials and lighting managment.